Carney Seeks ‚ÄėEscape Velocity‚Äô as Head of Bank of England

Posted by Forexsq 1027 days ago (
img Mark Carney‚Äôs quest for ‚Äúescape velocity‚ÄĚ takes off in the U.K. this week.

Poised to be the first foreigner to run the Bank of England since its founding in 1694, he will address lawmakers on Feb. 7 in London, days after declaring central banks aren‚Äôt ‚Äúmaxed out‚ÄĚ on what they can do to drive their economies. At the same time, the central bank‚Äôs Monetary Policy Committee will be meeting on the other side of the capital, and Carney‚Äôs future colleagues probably won‚Äôt add to their quantitative-easing program as inflation ties their hands.


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