Gold Can Still Break Through $2,000: Analysts

Posted by Forexsq 1052 days ago (
img The price of gold may have come under increasing pressure in past weeks with concerns that the Federal Reserve's loose monetary policy may be coming to an end, but analysts have told forexsq that the precious metal can still break through the $2,000 mark in the long term.

"We're in a very good situation. QE (quantitative easing) is going to go for six to twelve months. They are talking about $500 billion to $1 trillion more in the system," Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank told CNBC Monday.

Record low interest rates by central banks around the globe have resulted in negative real interest rates — when allowing for inflation. Traditionally gold has an inverse relationship to interest rates and is used as a hedge against inflation, which can occur as a result of monetary stimulus.

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